Professor Stephen Eggins

PhD 1991 University of Tasmania
Honorary Professor

Academic Education and Qualifications

  • 1991 PhD, University of Tasmania  
  • 1985 BAppSc (Hons), University of NSW 


Employment History

  • Oct. 2015 -  Oct.2020   Director, RSES, ANU
  • Jan. 2015 -                     Professor, RSES, ANU
  • Jan. 2007 - Dec. 2014  Senior Fellow, RSES, ANU
  • Apr. 2001 - Jan. 2007  Fellow, RSES, ANU
  • Jan. 2000 - Mar. 2001  Research Fellow, Dept. of Geology, ANU
  • Jan. 1995 - Dec.1999   Research Fellow (ARC), Dept. of Geology, ANU
  • Jun. 1994 - Dec. 1994  Research Fellow, RSES, ANU
  • Jun. 1991 - Jun.1994   Postdoctoral Fellow (ARC) RSES, ANU

Research interests

My research focuses on the use of novel isotope and trace element approaches to problems in the Earth and environmental science, in particular understanding biomineralisation processes and how trace elements and isotopes are incorporated into the shells and skeletons of marine calcifiers, as well as developing and applying geochemical proxies to reconstruct past conditions in the ocean. My current research interests are centred on:

  1. Laboratory culture of marine organisms under controlled conditions to measure responses in shell/skeleton chemistry to environmental conditions including ocean acidification
  2. Laser ablation microsampling methods and ICP-based instrumental methods for accurate and precise, spatially resolved, in-situ analysis of trace elements and isotope ratios
  3. Innovative use of enriched stable isotope and elemental markers with microanalysis techniques (eprobe, LA-ICPMS, microCT), material characterisation (TEM, FTIR, Raman) and fluorescent probe techniques to investigate biomineralization processes.
  4. Measuring the effects of and interactions between changing ocean chemistry and calcification from the organism through to ocean scale.
  5. Exploring adaptation and mitigation options to counter the effects of rising CO2 and related stressors in marine environments.



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    Journal Articles


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