Professor Andy Hogg

Director of ACCESS-NRI


I am currently working as the Director of ACCESS-NRI, a Research Infrastructure facility to develop and curate Australia's next-generation climate models.


I am an active member of the COSIMA community -- this stands for the Consortium of Ocean Sea Ice Modelling in Australia, and we aim to develop and do research into ocean-sea ice models.


I am a Chief Investigator of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes which does research into the drivers and processes that govern climate variability and extremes.

Research interests


My research interests centre on physical processes governing the ocean and climate. Some interesting research includes:

Ocean Modelling

I am an active member of the Consortium of Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia, also known as COSIMA. COSIMA aims to develop high resolution global ocean-sea ice model configurations for use in ocean and climate prediction. Read More ...

The Southern Ocean

The Southern Ocean is home to the world's strongest ocean current and the strongest winds. It acts to insulate Antarctica from the tropical oceans, is a point of convergence for other major ocean basins and plays a pivotal role in the natural carbon cycle. Read More ...


Ocean Eddies:

Ocean eddies are small scale (10-100km) vortices which occur in all regions of the ocean. Despite their small size, they can have significant impacts on large scale ocean circulation - and climate. In the near future, global ocean/climate models will be able to resolve eddies, posing new problems for ocean modellers. 

Energy and Mixing in the Ocean:

The ocean circulation is constrained by the sources and sinks of energy. Sources of energy include input of energy from winds, tidal stresses at the ocean and bottom and heating/cooling at the surface, while energy is lost via ocean turbulence and mixing. Understanding the ocean energy budget, using theory, laboratory experiments and numerical models, helps to constrain the ocean's response to changes in climate. Read More ...


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Papers Currently Under Review:

E. Q. Y. ONG, E. DODDRIDGE, N. C. CONSTANTINOU, A. McC. HOGG & M. H. ENGLAND (2024). Episodic Antarctic Shelf Intrusions of Circumpolar Deep Water via
  Canyons, J. Phys Oceanogr., Submitted,

A. SILVANO & 43 others (2024). Observing Antarctic Bottom Water in the Southern Ocean, Frontiers in Marine Science, Submitted.

L. BENNETTS, C. J. SHAKESPEARE, C. VREUGDENHIL & 35 others (2024). Closing the loops on Southern Ocean dynamics: From the circumpolar current to ice shelves and from bottom mixing to surface waves, Reviews of Geophysics, Submitted.

A. J. BARNES, C. J. SHAKESPEARE, A. McC. HOGG & N. CONSTANTINOU (2024). Topographically-generated near-internal waves as a response to winds over the ocean surface, J. Phys. Oceanogr., Submitted.

D. BHAGTANI, A. McC. HOGG, R. M. HOLMES & N. C. CONSTANTINOU (2024). Unraveling how winds and surface heat fluxes control the Atlantic Ocean's meridional heat transport, Geophys. Res. Lett., Submitted.

J. JEFFREE, A. McC. HOGG, A. K. MORRISON, A. SOLODOCH, A. L. STEWART & R. MCGIRR (2024). GRACE satellite observations of Antarctic Bottom Water transport variability, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, Submitted.

Journal Publications:

145. D. HUTCHINSON, L MENVIEL, K. J. MEISSNER & A. McC. HOGG (2024). East Antarctic warming forced by ice loss during the Last Interglacial, Nature Comms, 15, 1026, doi: 10.1038/s41467-024-45501-x.

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