Professor Malcolm Sambridge


Research interests

My research Interests include:

Inverse problems and data inference: I have spent quite some timestudying how to image of the internal structure of Earth.  I work on a range of projects which involve the development andapplication of mathematical and computational techniques for geophysical inference. I'm particularly  focused on developing new approaches forrobust inference from Earth Science data; Computational geophysics and numerical algorithms. An area of specialization has been assessment of uncertainty using randomized search algorithms including Markov chain Monte Carlo.

The study of the Earth interior through use of seismic information and other geophysical observations. I am also interested in the theory and computation of seismic wave propagation in hetergeneous media. Mathematical geophysics is the broad subject area that covers these activities.

My students are drawn from a range of backgrounds including Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and the Earth Sciences. I am regularly offer student research projects at ASC, Honoursand Ph.D. levels. Typically these will invovle application of a new algorithm to a particular geophysical problem, or testing out of some mathematical or computational ideas in geophysical inference. 

Research highlight - 2014

Research highlight - 2015