High Resolution-SF-ICP-MS


Analyses of very low concentration samples that are heavily impacted by interferences require a high resolution mode to be analysed. One example is 56Fe which is interfered upon by ArO+ (40+16). These difficult analyses can be performed on the Element XR by ThermoFisher. Using the low flow nebuliser, tricky, low volume samples can be measured for elements and isotope ratios that are typically not able to be analysed by traditional Q-ICP-MS, these include for example S, P and C. Additionally the machine is capable to achieve 13 orders of dynamic range through its application of a two-step SEM and a faraday cup. This allows for extreme performance at 1 ms timescales for samples that contain very high and very low concentrations in the same sample. With the attached auto sampler, tens to hundreds of samples can be analysed per day.