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ICP-MS research facility; elemental, isotopic and laser analysis

The ICP-MS Research Facility at ANU specializes in precise elemental and isotopic analysis using advanced Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry. It supports detailed trace element concentration studies and isotope ratio work for a wide range of elements, offering specific instruments for comprehensive analysis.

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Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) describes a technique where a radio frequency coupled plasma is connected to a mass spectrometer. These instruments excel at determining concentrations of most elements of the periodic table but the usual purpose of analysis is determining trace element concentrations. The sample passes through the plasma and is ‘perfectly ionized’, then focused through lenses and quadrupoles, which act to separate ions on the basis of mass/charge ratios, and then analysed in an electron multiplier or Farady cup. By changing voltages on the lenses and the quadrupoles, the collected mass can be changed at a rate of a new mass per 1 ms. Broad ranges of elements and isotopes, from Li to U, can be analysed in 1 routine. Certain specialised instrument approaches enable precise isotope ratio work, please refer to the options on the right hand side.

Instrument bookings & training can be arranged by contacting laboratory staff (see "Contacts" on the right). Instrument availabilities are listed in the calendar below. 



193 nm ArF excimer laser, attached to NeptuneONE & iCapRQ

Excimer lasers with 193 nm wavelengths

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High Resolution-SF-ICP-MS

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5110 Agilent ICP-OES

5110 Agilent ICP-OES

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Dionex 5000+

An ICS 5000+ is available for the analysis of anions such as Fluoride, Phosphate and Chloride.

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