Palaeomagnetic laboratory

2G Magnetometer

Situated on Black Mountain, the Palaeomagnetic laboratory is globally recognized as a leading centre for palaeomagnetic and rock magnetic research. Equipped with advanced instruments for characterizing and quantifying magnetic minerals, we are a hub for collaborative research, hosting numerous visiting researchers from both Australia and around the world. Our primary instruments are:

  • 2G Superconducting rock magnetometer with automated sampling handling for u-channel, drill core, and cube samples.
  • Quantum Design MPMS XL SQUID Magnetometer for magnetic mineral identification and quantification at high fields (up to 7 Tesla) and low temperatures (10 K).
  • Princeton Measurements Corporation Vibrating Sample Magnetometer measures magnetic hysteresis and remanence to 1 Tesla.
  • AGICO CS4 measures magnetic susceptibility as a function of temperature and frequency.
  • AGICO JR-6A Spinner Magnetometer with automated sample handling for measurement of strongly magnetised rock samples.