Sample preparation & microscope laboratories

Rock samples require preparation before they can be used for mineral analysis by the large range of analytical facilities available at RSES, the Centre for Advanced Microscopy and the Australian National Fabrication Facility at ANU.

Our staffing is currently in transition and please contact for suggestions on how to access the following equipment:

  • Leica petrographic mapping microscope (transmitted and reflected light) for rapid mapping of mineral mounts (RSES Jaeger 5)
  • Leica confocal microscope for 3-D imaging of samples (RSES Jaeger 5)
  • stereo and petrographic microscopes with transmitted and reflected light (RSES Jaeger 5)
  • custom-built engraving instrument for labelling mounts (RSES Jaeger 5)
  • mineral separation laboratory performing high purity mineral separations (RSES Jaeger 6)
  • saws for cutting rocks (RSES Jaeger 6)
  • lapidary workshop for the preparation and polishing of probe mounts, including a Struers automated lapping machine, precision saws (RSES Jaeger 1)
  • vacuum drying ovens (RSES Jaeger 1 and 5)
  • Au, Au-Pd and Al coating (RSES Jaeger 5)

Please contact for access and pricing (Jaeger 5).

Please contact for access and pricing for the Microscope laboratory (RSES Jaeger 8).

  • Two transmitted light microscopes; microdrill and stereo microscope

Please contact for access and pricing for the Experimental Petrology Laboratory (Jaeger 1).

  • carbon arc welders, a Lampert PUK 3s TIG welder, acetylene/hydrogen torches, dedicated vacuum pump, precision balances, ultrasonic baths, laboratory presses and drying oven
  • Kent 3 automatic lapping machines, precision sectioning saws, a diamond-blade rock saw, and numerous binocular and petrographic microscopes