Professor Hrvoje Tkalčić

2001 PhD - University of California at Berkeley; 1997 Diploma of Engineering in Physics, University of Zagreb
Head of Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Director of Warramunga Seismic & Infrasound Facility

Research interests

Global observational seismology with special interest in deep Earth structure and dynamics using seismic and correlations wavefields.

The inner and the outer core, the lowermost mantle and the interaction between the core and mantle.

Lithospheric imaging using multiple geophysical data sets and developing new approaches.

Physics of seismic sources; source kinematics and modeling complex finite sources.

Deployment of geophysical instruments in remote areas of Earth including oceans; installation of geophysical instruments on other planets; planetary seismology.



PHYS3070 (Physics of the Earth) - Course coordinator and lecturer

EMSC8019 (Advanced Earth Physics) - Lecturer