Dr Bradley Opdyke

Honorary visitor
AB (Columbia University), MS (The University of Michigan), PhD (The University of Michigan)

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Research interests

My Research has followed two main themes; the first is Paleoceanography and the second is investigating Coral reef ecosystems to assess the impact of higher pCO2 on reef sustainability into the future, not just in Australia, but globally.  These investigations led my research team to discover that Dolomite is being deposited in crustose Coralline Algae on the margins of reef platforms.  Following up on this discovery continues at pace with detailed studies progressing with local collaboration with the Research School of Physics as well as geochemical mass-balance studies under way.  We continue to take advantage of the Coral Reef coring that I did in the previous decade to construct detailed climate records that extend back thousands of years with one objective to be able to compare Early and Late Holocene climate records from Northern Australia.

My Paleoceanography research has focused on the Glacial-Interglacial climate dynamics of the surface waters in the tropical regions to the north of Australia.  We now have a core library of dozens of cores to investigate.  Additionally we are researching samples from the Late Eocene of the North Atlantic.  The later involves analyzing samples that were recovered during IODP Expedition 342 to the South East Newfoundland Ridge.  Our Late Eocene research also includes studies of coastal sections that include the Eocene – Oligocene boundary along the southern Australian coastline.



J8, 3.06


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