Information about the available instruments.

Ultra-Low Power Seismic Recorder

The Australian National University developed LPR-200 is a 3 channel, 24bit, ultra-low power seismic digitizer designed for remote geological surveying. The unit boasts a power consumption of just 200mW recording at 100 sps. The unit is housed in a rugged, portable, water resistant case with a removable lithium-iron-phosphate battery, making it suitable for installations such as aftershock monitoring. With a run time in excess of 4 months when powering a 120mW seismometer, the unit is ideal for long term remote area deployment. The system incorporates a simple to use graphical user interface with live seismometer plot to allow for rapid deployment.


  • Ultra-low power
    The unit consumes only 200mW while continuously recording at 100sps
  • Easy to use interface
    A 3.5" display allows for quick and easy setup for rapid deployment
  • MiniSEED format
    Data is recorded in standard miniSEED format with the addition of dataless SEED and binary log files
  • SD card storage
    Records data to FAT32 formatted SD cards up to 256Gb
  • Robust portable design
    Housed in a waterproof portable case for remote area deployment
  • Flexible sensor input
    The unit can be configured to work with many leading seismometers



Rock-physics Facilities

Internally heated gas-medium high-pressure apparatus for

  • studies of time-resolved slip on synthetic faults by novel laser interferometry;
  • preparation of synthetic rock specimens by hot-isostatic pressing;
  • servo-creep compressive deformation;
  • measurement of seismic properties by low-frequency forced-oscillation tests