Jim Sweetman

PhD Candidate

I started my PhD in oceanography in 2021 following an Honours year in 2020. I completed my undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Wollongong in 2019.

For my PhD, I am investigating the melting and dissolution (ablation) of pure-ice with stratified fluids and internal waves through laboratory based experiments at ANU’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory with Dr Callum Shakespeare, Dr Kial Stewart, and Dr Craig McConnochie as supervisors.

My project centralizes around understanding how internal waves affect the ablation rate of ice in order to, ultimately, advance our knowledge on the topic of retreating ice shelves and improve modelling predictions of future sea-level rise.

Research interests

My research interests include ice and fluid dynamics; specifically ablating ice and internal waves, laboratory based studies, computer-vision techniques, and graphical user interface programming.




1. Laboratory investigation of internal wave activity at ice-ocean interfaces. Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2022.

2. Laboratory investigation of internal wave activity at ice-ocean interfaces. Gordon Research Conferences: Ocean Meeting, 2022.