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Rebecca McGirr PhD Candidate
no photo available
Sarah McIntyre
Monika Misztela Technical staff - Geochemical Instrument Operations , PhD Student
  • +61 2 6125 6308
Negin Moghaddam PhD Candidate
no photo available
Bruno Isidro Möller MPhil Student
Nipaporn (Nidnueng) Nakrong PhD
Hendro Nugroho PhD Student
  • +61 414 452 370
no photo available
Abdulwaheed Ògúnsàmì PhD Student , Experimental Rock Physics
Bozana Pasic PhD Candidate
Aditya Patkar PhD Student
  • +61 487 984 894
Victor A. Piedrahita PhD student
no photo available
Yao Qian Student, Palaeoenvironments Research Group
no photo available
Tongzhang Qu PhD student
Jemima Rama PhD Candidate
Srijita Ray PhD Candidate
  • +61480244360
Nova Roosmawati PHD Student
  • +61 414 472 716
Rexha Verdhora Ry PhD Student
  • 0433189096
Matthias Scheiter PhD Student
Nita Sebastian Graduate Research Student (Ph.D)
  • +61 2 61254833
Johanna Sommer PhD canidate
  • +61 2 61251459
Zachary Sudholz PhD Candidate
  • +61421566096
no photo available
Yaojia Sun
no photo available
James Sweetman PhD student
Buse Turunctur PhD Candidate
no photo available
Miss Perinne Tyler PhD Candidate
Nick Velzeboer
Galina Vinnichenko PhD Candidate
Sheng Wang
no photo available
Chenhui Wang Masters student
no photo available
Rikki Weber